Comparing Different Pallet Exchange Systems

There are established methods to change pallets. It includes a pallet inverter, pallet pusher, pallet rotator, or pallet changer that caught your eye on TopIndustries. The leading manufacturer of pallet inverters has a team that can help you in choosing the right model. However, understand the different pallet exchange systems to help you identify the best support and solution.

However, in any type of pallet exchange system you choose there is a need to consider the following –

  • Uniform packaging.
  • Time is taken to complete the exchange task.
  • Is your product suitable for pressure?
  • Generally, exchangers are suitable for goods that can be stored evenly or upright.
  • Acquisition cost is high depending on the type you choose.
  • Energy consumption & maintenance.
  • In some equipment, the manual task is involved it compromises safety and ergonomic handling as well as increases injury risk.

Pallet inverters

In this equipment, the load has to be completely turned upside down. Therefore there is a need for the merchandise to be packed evenly. If items or boxes stick out then it can hinder the clamping process. If you need the equipment for handling delicate products or goods to be stored upright only like dairy products or liquids then inverting the pallet will damage the products.

Pallet turners

With pallet turners, the exchange starts with transporting loads within the moving platform manually or with a forklift. The entire load is tilted at 180°. The old pallet is manually removed and the new pallet is inserted at the product base. The moving platform positions the pallet accurately below the product block and tilts it back to its original position with a new pallet switch. The product is then released from the upper platform.

Pallet changer or slider

Pallet changers apply pressure sideways without the need to tilt, turn or rotate the products. It loads as well as unloads at a floor level. The pressure is applied safely so that products don’t get damaged with the side push.

The pallet transfer operation occurs via lateral pressure applied to lift and allow the transition from an old pallet to a new one. The load is placed on stationary pallet changer equipment and a new pallet is positioned beside it for the transfer.

As both pallets are positioned next to one another the products need clamping for blocking and transition. The equipment is also called a side mover but for this operation, the packing has to be even and stable on the load sides. The operation is efficient when the packing units like boxes and cartons are stacked accurately and symmetrically.

Pallet pusher

This exchange system pushes the complete load from the old pallet to the target pallet. The loaded pallets are secured on the bottom platform and the back and side walls hold the loads. As soon as the procedure is put in motion, the back and side walls holding the loads will push it until the goods are transferred completely on to target pallet.

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