What’s a customs broker and when should you get one onboard? 

The concept of trading has been around for decades – it’s not exactly new. However, trade has become a regulated industry. It is a lot stricter than ever before. And why not? There are threats all over the world. These days businesses revolve around international exports and imports. You have to ensure that all the rules and regulations are being followed. 

That’s precisely why we suggest businesses hire a customs broker. 

Hold that thought! You might be wondering what a customs broker is and how they are relevant! 

Here’s an article that sheds light on what’s a customs broker and when you should get one onboard. Let’s dive in! 

What’s a custom broker, anyway? 

Large companies work with customs brokers because they need someone to assist them with importing goods. Companies can’t take the risk of losing the goods or even a slight delay can make their business lose clients. 

A customs broker is a licensed official (CBP) who handles customs clearance. Now, the CBP is responsible for stopping any illegal or prohibited items from entering the country. CBP Canada won’t let any illegal item pass through the border which is understandable because everyone has to protect the inhabitants and the country. 

You cannot import any goods into the country without CBP’s permission. Importers have to declare the kind of goods they are bringing into Canada to get customs clearance. 

The clearance process can be overwhelming and sometimes goods get held back. A licensed customs broker will be your agent and take care of the process. They ensure that your goods cross the border smoothly without any delay. 

They also follow the updated customs regulations, so your goods are in safe hands. 

When should you get a customs broker onboard? 

International customs can be very complicated. You need a professional to handle this. 

If you are comfortable handling the procedure all by yourself, you can go ahead and take care of the documentation and payment of duties and taxes. 

In case there is even a slight doubt in your head, go ahead and hire a customs broker. 

Businesses can either flourish or lose everything – they have a choice. As a business, you must avoid taking any kind of chances here. Importers face extreme financial losses when they try to DIY. Let’s not forget there are legal implications too. 

Let the customs broker do everything here. You can opt for Clearit Canada customs brokerage. They’re the best in their job!