Essential Steps To File An Amazon Appeal

Amazon sellers face a common problem like account suspension. They should check emails to get an explanation about the whole suspension scenario. And being familiar with the drawbacks of their business transparency, they must make efforts to go ahead with Amazon’s suspension appeal. For quick troubleshooting, they must follow a few severe steps, which proceed them to recover their Amazon business account as a seller. 

The following discussions will guide you to get back full access to your Amazon account as a seller:

  • Recognize Ground Of Suspension

Before seeking a favourable solution with Amazon appeal, you need to identify the reasons for unfortunate suspensions. The most essential and first step is to get the best answers, and this step is always critical because you need to analyze your online transparency aptitudes. The crucial reasons behind suspension can be poor delivery system performance, low-quality products, policy violations, etc. 

In suspensions, you will get notifications from Amazon through emails. And the suspension mails explain every detail on the points, which make your business account invalid. You need to go through the complete information of suspension mails to take appropriate steps to recover suspended accounts quickly.

  • Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is the second step to get back access to your account after identifying the reasons for the suspension. You have to sign in to your account to access the dashboard. In the dashboard, you will get all details about the selling policies of Amazon and the targets of different sessions. The exact information about Amazon’s selling policies saves your account from being suspended. From the dashboard, you can also check the list of prohibited products. You need to verify if your product comes in the category of restricted product lists.

All these steps make you liable to the rules and regulations of Amazon account holders. And then, you can quickly rectify your transparency errors and move on with Amazon appeal.

  • Sending Request For An Appeal

After being familiar with the fundamental rules for account holders, it will be easy to be objective for the recovery of your Amazon account. And pointwise rectification of your errors will help you request Amazon appeal successfully.

You have to explain your liability to Amazon’s reputation in your statement with the account recovery appeal. And also need to ensure your performance according to specific selling policies. And finally, you have to send a confession about your mistakes to fix the accessibility to your selling account soon. Thus, your proceeding of appeal will help you to resolve your errors. And with your account recovery appeal, you need to send an action plan, which will represent your seriousness about the suspension.

These steps are essential for the sellers to improve Amazon account recovery appeal. 


After sending your appeal letter, you can expect a solution within 48 hours to 1 week. In the meantime, you can contact the Amazon team if they received your Amazon suspension appeal letter or not.

While waiting for your appeal response from the Amazon authority, you can collect the reviews and feedback on your offered services and products. This step can prevent the possible suspension of your selling account for the next time.