Boost Conversions With Amazon A+ Content and Storefront Design

Amazon is not just about selling goods and services. It’s also about creating a compelling brand story to stand out in the highly competitive marketplace nowadays. However, it can be a challenging task with limited space on Amazon listings.

A+ Content empowers sellers to narrate compelling brand narratives within product descriptions, effectively engaging potential buyers. Meanwhile, an Amazon Storefront allows sellers to showcase their products without any distractions from the competitor’s products or ads. An Amazon Storefront has the look and feel of a brick-and-mortar store, but with Amazon’s massive audience reach.

However, to get the benefit of both Amazon A+ Content and Amazon Storefront Design services, a brand needs to be registered on Amazon.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC, Amazon A+ Content is a premium feature that enables Amazon sellers to create visually attractive product listings. A+ Content allows sellers to add enhanced product descriptions, brand stories, high-quality images, and even in-action shots to help increase conversions of the listing.

A regular Amazon listing only allows sellers to add text with 2,000 characters, without any images or graphics. A+ Content enables the inclusion of product USP, features, benefits, and brand story in a captivating manner. Customers prefer easy-to-read content over a large block of text.

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Incorporating A+ content into listings isn’t just advantageous for the individual product; it’s beneficial for the entire brand. By integrating compelling text and visuals into listings, products are set apart from competitors and effectively communicate the brand’s story to potential customers.

Here are some benefits of A+ Content:

  • Increases conversion rates up to 3% to 10%

Amazon can improve a product’s conversion rate by 5.6%. This means more sales and increased ranking, without additional expenditure. Well-designed A+ Content combined with a well-optimised PPC campaign can result in more conversions while reducing the ACoS.

  • Targets a variety of shoppers

Customers visiting product listings often have varying preferences. While some like to delve into every detail before making a purchase, others prefer to skim through key features. By utilising Amazon A+ Content on listings, both types of customers can be accommodated with a flexible and user-friendly layout. This way, no customers are lost.

  • Encourages reviews and customer feedback

A+ Content enables offering a comprehensive overview of the product, incorporating captivating visuals and infographics to enhance understanding of its features and advantages. This facilitates informed buying choices among customers, resulting in increased satisfaction and reduced instances of negative reviews or returns. Moreover, executing effective campaigns can yield a wealth of positive reviews and valuable feedback from customers for products.

  • Showcases product’s USPs

By using A+ Content, sellers can demonstrate the product’s USPs by highlighting features and benefits that distinguish them from other brands. The A+ Content modules help customers understand why they should pick a brand over competitors and the benefits it provides.

  • Improves brand awareness

Brand awareness pertains to the extent to which customers are familiar with and recognise a brand, influencing their loyalty, referrals, and purchase choices.

By using A+ content, sellers can enlighten customers about their products, foster brand allegiance, boost sales and conversions, and expand their outreach to a broader audience.

  • Increases customer engagement

A+ Content helps to enhance customer engagement by providing an immersive shopping experience that helps to attract the customers’ attention. By incorporating interactive elements like videos, infographics, and comparison charts, brands can craft an immersive and impactful encounter that captivates customers’ interest and motivates them to make a purchase.

What is an Amazon Storefront?

Amazon Stores offers a complimentary self-service advertising platform that enables sellers to establish a specialised hub for their brand on Amazon. Crafting an Amazon Storefront presents a fantastic opportunity to display the entire product range and enhance brand recognition through a user-friendly interface reminiscent of an online store.

Designing a multi-page Amazon Store is a breeze, thanks to intuitive drag-and-drop tiles or ready-made templates. Sellers have the flexibility to personalise their store by incorporating their own visuals, videos, and product descriptions.

Just like Amazon A+ store, sellers need to register their brand to avail the benefits of Amazon Storefronts.

Benefits of Amazon Storefronts

Creating an Amazon Store is an easy way to stand out from the Amazon competition.

Here are some benefits of creating a Store on Amazon:

  • Curated brand destination

An Amazon Store serves as a platform for customers to learn about a brand while browsing through its complete product lineup. Rather than searching for each item separately, shoppers can conveniently explore the entire catalogue within the Store. Moreover, it provides the chance to present the brand’s story, fostering recognition and instilling trust among the customer base.

  • No competitor ads

One of the greatest benefits of having an Amazon Store is the absence of competitor ads. Sponsored Products and Sponsored brand+ ads can cause distractions on the result pages. However, customers will only see the brand in the Amazon Store.

  • Creative branding

This is a big chance for brands to show off their creative ability and customise the Store with infographics, images, and videos for products. The main product images and A+ content are important to reel in customers, and the brand’s Store will give more space to customise its look.

  • Drive traffic to the storefront

Traffic can be directed directly to the Amazon Store with ads and then funnel customers away from other competitors’ products. Customers can also find the Store by clicking on the “Visit the [Brand Name] Store” displayed under a product listing’s title.

  • Add multiple pages and subcategories

Subpages can be created to host multiple product categories and subcategories in the Store. For example, if a brand sells beauty products, pages can be created for lipsticks, eyeliners, perfumes, skincare products, and other items.

  • Store insights dashboard

The Store insights dashboard allows brands to see where Store traffic is coming from, how well the Store is driving sales, monitor page views, and more. This further allows for informed decisions about how products are marketed.

  • Mobile-friendly design

The Amazon Store is also optimised for mobile, which is beneficial since more than 126 million users shop from the Amazon app.

  • Higher conversion rates

There is a higher chance of converting since the customers who visit the stores will only be interacting with the brand and products.