AI Reimaging Marketing As We Know It

With AI’s emergence well underway across several industries, marketing agencies may be debating its place in marketing. Specifically, AI marketing and how it’s set to reimagine the landscape in its entirety. Will it outperform traditional marketing? Can a hybrid model work with consumer behaviour that is ever-evolving?

To most, AI marketing can seem out of touch with what current audiences need. How will it add any value to your agency’s traditional marketing strategies, which have worked so effectively so far?

We understand the hesitation, but as an AI-powered white label digital marketing agency, we believe that not only can machine learning empower your marketing services for now but also prepare it for the future. We can take you to the next level. Find out how here.

Below, let’s explore what AI marketing can do for your agency and your clients:

Increases your Adaptability  

Digital marketing has to be fast-paced to keep up with more engaged, interested consumers. With traditional marketing, this has always been a drawback because the approach simply cannot reach its audiences fast enough with updates or adjustments. Strategies that cannot be adapted in real-time are at risk of missing their mark, simply put. This can impact your client’s brand, stagnate their business, and lead to revenue losses. But AI marketing meets the demand by being extremely agile and adaptable. Machine learning works with real-time data, quickly updating strategies to reflect market conditions.

Provides Precise Targeting 

Targeting in digital marketing has come a long way, with advancements constantly making it easier to reach the right audiences at the right time. But with the introduction of AI into your agency’s marketing strategies, you can strengthen your client’s targeting for even better results. With our expertise at Globital, we can use machine learning and algorithms to target specific demographics more precisely. We can identify and reach more accurate consumer profiles. The advantage of using AI over conventional methods for targeting is that your agency can redistribute resources to other areas of your marketing services instead of paying for large, impersonal demographics.

Improves the quality of data

Related to consumer targeting is the data used to drive your client’s strategy forward. AI does more than simply provide your agency with insights into how your client’s audience perceived promotional posts in the last month, for example. This technology quickly analyses client’s data to find patterns. This can help you adjust your agency’s strategies and targeting methods. With more information than ever before, AI marketing can give you all the data your agency needs to empower your client’s brand to lead their respective industry online in real-time.

Boosts Real-Time Benefit

Talking about real-time, an important aspect of AI marketing is that it creates substantial value with immediate results in comparison to traditional marketing. Instead of having to wait for data to collate over a month to find patterns and trends or to interpret how advertising is faring with audiences, your agency can get feedback now. Time is amplified with AI, providing your team with the tools needed to make an impact right now.

Increases Personalisation

While marketing as a whole has become more personalised, apart from mass media, it still has a significant way to go. AI marketing can provide a comprehensive solution by enhancing your agency’s strategies with personalised advertising. It may seem insignificant to your agency, but personalisation can create and increase engagement. This, in turn, increases the possibility of a lead becoming a prospect and eventually a customer.

Reallocates marketing spend

Perhaps the most influential reason to consider AI marketing for your agency is cost. Traditional marketing takes time, significant effort, and money to develop and distribute. Meaningful data from these respective campaigns can take just as long, providing your team with useful but outdated information. As a result, advertising budgets are usually wasted.

AI marketing is a more cost-effective approach as it reduces the amount of money spent due to precise targeting and real-time optimisation. Data is relevant, accurate, and can be acted on now, which means you and your clients will get a higher ROI (return on investment).

[CTA] With all of these compelling advantages to using AI marketing, is your agency ready to make the switch? Globital is the world’s leading AI-powered white label digital marketing agency that specialises in wholesale and resale services dedicated to enhancing your client’s brands on and offline. Contact us today to learn more about our work.