Breeline’s Distributed Warehouses fuel success

Partnering with an order fulfillment or third-party logistics specialists that provide distributed warehouses options saves money and clears the path for e-commerce business owners to focus on improving existing products and creating new ones.

Distributed warehouses, a collection of distribution centers strategically placed throughout the country or globally, have become mainstream. And these centers are now essential to the financial survival of businesses.

These warehouse facilities make it easy and cost effective for business clients to ship packages at competitive rates and present them the foundation to expand their market reach and attract new customers.

How it works

Some time ago, Breeline, a leader in order fulfillment, embraced the concept of distributed warehouses before two-day delivery was even possible. Now, with warehouses situated in targeted locations, deliveries are routinely made the same day customers place orders.

This is how the process works. A customer places an order online. Staff, supported by Breeline’s Artificial Intelligence software, start the process. They find the closest warehouse to the address of the customer and the most cost-effective shipping method.

The process is quick because of the technology. The AI system informs the warehouse staff who immediately get the order processed and prepared for shipping. Staff also ensure that any special instructions made during order are fulfilled.

Business owners who try to handle this request without an order fulfillment service, open themselves up to challenges, many of which are outside their scope of influence. This can often lead to delays in getting products out quickly.

Imagine the surprise on your consumers’ faces when they receive their order within a few hours of ordering,” the company states on its website at “Our efficiency, accuracy, and level of service make us one of a kind.”

What other fulfillment providers offer?

Most order fulfillment suppliers have distributed warehouses, whether domestically or globally. And while they share similarities, approaches and focus can often differ.

Breeline offers business clients comprehensive warehousing services, including automation. Its warehouses are outfitted with advanced technology and a trained staff ready to handle any challenges.

At eFulfillment Service, customers receive low-cost warehousing and inventory storage. And the order fulfillment company only charges for business clients based on the amount of storage space they are using.

Like Breeline, Shipwire also provides warehouse centers. And similarly, once an order is requested, the product is shipped from the best fulfillment center housing the inventory. According to its website, Shipwire’s global network of fulfillment centers are located close to major markets, manufacturing regions and transportation options.

ShipBob also provides a network of fulfillment centers that result in quick delivery of products. And the location of these centers helps to reduce the shipping costs for domestic as well as and global customers.

Cost-effective service

Employing Breeline to handle fulfillment is easier for business clients who end up paying less for shipping than if they did the work in-house.

The company demands no long-term commitments and offers low-cost service. Business clients also are charged based on storage use.

Budget-strapped business owners don’t have to incur burdensome debt with distributed warehouses available to them. They won’t have to lease or buy storage facilities, hire additional staff, or deal with the other ongoing expenses of operating a warehouse facility.

Breeline’s state-of-the-art technology, innovative approach to order fulfillment, “can provide your business with the leverage it needs to be successful,” the company says on its website at

An added benefit to business clients who partner with the company is the opportunity to leverage the company’s Artificial Intelligence backed Neural Network, to collect data that can improve their business operations.